4 Suggestions for Great Dating and Relationship Advice

I seem to have one of those faces that puts people (even strangers) at ease, and because of this I end up in interesting conversations with people at parties, on airplanes, in movie lines, etc.

If my fellow conversationalist is single and finds out I’m a dating and relationship coach, we often have a dialogue similar to the following:

Single person: What’s the best way to get dating advice?

Me: Where have you been getting advice up to this point?

Single person: From my friend (my work colleague, neighbor, etc.)

Me: How is that person’s relationship?

Single person: They’re single.

I have to say – this always puzzles me. Why would they take advice from someone who is where they are now rather than where they want to be?relationship-advice

Here are my suggestions for getting good dating and relationship advice:

1. Find a couple who has been in a long-term, happy, healthy, committed relationship and ask them for advice This couple will be a wealth of information because to continue to grow and stay together takes a lot of energy, thought and caring. Ask them:

  • How did you meet?
  • What did each of you do when you were dating that drew you to one another?
  • How did you express (and continue to express) your needs to each other?
  • How do you handle your disagreements?
  • How many times a day do you laugh together?

2. Talk to a couple who have been divorced and are now remarried. They will also have valuable information because they have the comparison of dating and marrying at different phases of their lives. Ask them:

  • What did you learn from your first marriage?
  • What did you learn when you were single?
  • What did you do differently when you dated your current spouse compared to when you dated your first one?
  • What are you doing differently in this marriage?

3. Talk to married clergy. Ask them:

  • How has your faith helped your marriage?
  • What are some challenges you’ve helped other couples overcome?
  • Do you offer marriage preparation classes?

4. Talk to a coach, therapist, or psychologist because…

  • These professionals have helped many couples through a wide variety of challenges.
  • They know the steps to prevent many problems and the steps to overcome even more.

Are you single? Have you been single at mid life and are now in a relationship? Where have you been getting your advice and what have you been told?  Please share with us by commenting below.

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You can reach Christine via email:  Christine@ThePerfectCatch.com

Christine Baumgartner
Christine is a renowned relationship coach who has worked with Dr. John Gray at AskMarsVenus.com and who brings to her practice more than 25 years as a dating counselor and wedding planner. Her work guiding brides and couples through one of the most emotional and stressful situations of their lives inspired her to focus on what happens before marriage.
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