A New Perspective for 2013

silver liningDetermined to join our family for the long New Year’s weekend, hubby Ken and I drove through a snowy winter storm. As we very carefully made our way on slippery mountain roads, the Kris Allen song , Live Like You Are Dying,  filled our car reminding us to do just that; each day is precious. I recalled a news clip I had just seen in which the presenter was encouraging his audience to imagine it was their last day of living, that they were meeting their maker who queried them: “Are you happy with the way you lived these last 10 years?”

This question has stayed with me as the New Year is upon us and again we have a chance for a fresh beginning. I think it is important that we become more conscious of the moods and messages we allow ourselves to have, that we stop the negative narrative that many of our human brains seem to run automatically. The problem with negative thoughts is that they allow coritsol, the primal survival hormone, to be pumped into our blood stream which breeds anxiety. As we ring in this New Year, let us have the awareness to live with the best choices possible. Let’s more fully control our brains and aim to train ourselves to see the positive in situations.

Ken and I hosted some friends last Friday night whom we had not seen for a long time. They are in a difficult situation in that his construction manager job has him living away from his wife as he works near the Mexican border. He can only come home one weekend in three but even with that hardship, they exude love and joy. They are making positive choices in a difficult situation. He is filling his time writing a novel, something he never dreamed of, while she works at her art cards and enjoys their grandchildren. On the weekends when they are together they have taken up waltz lessons.

Let’s start this New Year committed to live with the best choices possible. Why not resolve to take a clear action to see the “silver lining” and stop the negative thoughts? We can become clearer that the life that we are living right now is the result of the past choices we have made. We can turn things around quickly if we are not satisfied with our current situation. We control our choices. I am often asked, “Why do you seem so happy?” I used to be stumped by that question, but after studying human happiness, I get that I love what I do. I loved the teaching and now the life coaching and volunteering.

So are you making the best choices? Will you answer that you lived the last 10 years to the fullest? Will you make the effort to reach new goals of happy accomplishments? After all, this is your time now!

Happy New Year!

Donna Friess
Author and psychologist Donna L. Friess, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus in Communications Studies at Cypress College in Orange County, CA. Donna has been a social activist for children’s rights. She facilitates a “Loss of a Loved One” support group and is an active professional speaker.
Donna Friess

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