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I don’t know the whole story about Tom’s, but I know that my sister and her 18 year-old daughter both started to wear them last year.  They look very comfortable.  Are there other Boomers out there with an opinion about Tom’s?  I think Nordstrom’s has them and I found a small boutique store near my home that has them; but I haven’t stopped to price them.  My niece probably buys them on E-bay.

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  1. I’m a big fan of TOMS (www.toms.com). For every pair of shoes or eye glasses, TOMS contributes one pair to someone in need. It’s their “One for One” policy. Although I haven’t yet purchased the glasses, our family has the shoes in many colors and designs. They are easy on, easy off, and comfortable. And TOMS slip-ons invite creativity. Our introduction to the product happened when my daughter (then 11) painted a pair of TOMS shoes at a birthday party. We were hooked!

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