AARP Contest – Win $50,000

We have become big fans of AARP. They are reinventing themselves to be of great service and usefulness to Boomers.  You’ll see us reposting some of their material here from time to time, just because it’s good stuff.  Here’s a link to an AARP contest – a game about retirement planning that you Boomers may be interested in:

Pretty cool to see AARP going the gamification route with their web site.  Go AARP!
Our purpose: To give Boomers a VOICE in the world of social proof… Boomers! There are about 73 million of us who were born during the post WWII Baby Boom from 1946 to 1964.

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  1. Glennita Jones says:

    I had just signed up for a contest that started Nov. 15- Dec 31. Grand prize 50,000. Daily chances to win automatic prizes($50 gift cards etc) hadn’t really gotten a firm grip on the situation. I knew I could enter daily and if I answered quiz questions I could get more entries. Got to the end of a screen and couldn’t get back to start. My computer did a thing and now I’m trying to get back there…can’t figure out how. Was answering screens on a Welches coupons, to Kellogg s , to other things and didn’t want to go back thru the whole thing. So I struck out for AARP, figured I’d have to anyway to enter every day. How do I get back to the right contest? And I’m not sure but I am an AARP member and I don’t want to break any rules. I entered the contest with a user name Lively74 and password. I know somewhere I have a card with info I filled out online before but can’t find it and don’t want it in conflict with this contest. Can you ease muy mind and get me back there? I really need to finish and get to bed. tomorrow’s a school-day and I have some homework I need to finish before class. Help! Glennita Jones Member number 313 430 475 1

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