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There are about 73 million of us who were born in the USA during the post WWII Baby Boom from 1946 to 1964.

At the turn of the 21st century, the Boomer generation lost favor with marketers who went after younger Generations X and Millenials thinking they had more spending power. Wrong.

Today’s Boomers and Pre-Boomers (born during the Great Depression and WWII)  have a combined spending power of over $3.5 Trillion while Millennials’ combined spending power is under $800 Million. Boomers are back and business is booming for companies who are paying attention to this vibrant, active 50+ population.

Boomers are also in the digital world big-time! We are online soaking up old friendships rekindled on Facebook, charting each other’s career paths on LinkedIn, following people and companies on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest and reveling in review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Never a quiet generation, our powerful demographic cohort is chiming in with reviews, but unfortunately our voices are sometimes drowned out by those of our children and their children.

BoomerReviews.com is your source for articles, videos, news and reviews coming directly from your peers – anyone who can share anything from the 50+ vantage point.

  • Looking for a resort that caters to honeymooners over 50?
  • Want info about easy-to-use smart phones?
  • Seeking some ideas for entertaining your five year old twin grandchildren?
  • Need support for your new family caregiving duties?
  • How about a day spa where you don’t feel like the oldest person in the place?
  • What’s a good new car to purchase now that you want to downsize from your SUV?

Boomers and Pre-Boomers are reinventing what it means to grow older and apparently it’s all about fun, adventure, movement and living a full life. It’s not about sitting in a rocking chair like the stereotypical grandma or being a couch potato like your Uncle Billy. It’s more about sitting in a golf cart waiting for your tee-shot or surfing the web on your iPad looking for a Top Chef stuffed baked potato recipe while listening to your Pandora playlist. It’s about shopping for fashions you like or a shiny new Harley trike. It’s about hooking up your trailer to go camping with friends and family or chartering a boat for a bay cruise. It’s about taking a hiking trip in the Rockies or the Alps. It’s about celebrating life right up to the very end!

Join the BoomerReviews Nation, comment on our bloggers’ posts, view stuff that’s relevant to your life today, write some reviews and get the information you need right here, right now.  Enjoy!

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