Amazon Launches Store for Boomers

Some of you Boomers may have missed a big story that broke last month.  We first saw the news on TechCrunch.  Amazon launched a new store that is catering to Boomers and seniors.  Amazon is heeding all the surveys that caution companies who want to attract us to avoid terms like “senior”, “elder” and “older people”.  They went with the name,  “50+ Active and Healthy Living Store.” The store is focusing on “healthy living” needs – beauty products, health and wellness, nutrition,Amazon travel, medical, entertainment and technology, among other categories. The cool thing is, it’s a store for us.  If you have used this new store, please post a review here, either as a comment or as a separate review!

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Our purpose: To give Boomers a VOICE in the world of social proof… Boomers! There are about 73 million of us who were born during the post WWII Baby Boom from 1946 to 1964.

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