Robin Altman

Robin grew up in Laguna Beach. Her uncommonly vivid watercolors have evolved over her 35-year art career. She attended Principia College with the assistance of an art scholarship from the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and graduated in 1976 with a BA in Fine Art. Robin has exhibited her work in several prominent galleries in Laguna Beach and in all three summer festivals in Laguna as well. Her work is in private, corporate and public collections throughout the world. She has illustrated books and her work has adorned wine labels from Napa Valley and greeting cards. Her paintings express a special sense of fun and happiness that is often missing in a world that is "too busy". They illustrate her reverence for "the simple life" and are decidedly upbeat and idealistic. When someone looks at her paintings, they can't help but smile.

In Support of Women Everywhere

Greetings! This is a video that Sande Hart made all about SARAH, the woman’s interfaith organization. Groups like this are forming all over the planet.

Last Light on Laguna

Laguna Beach, California must be one of the most “painted” towns in the world. That fact poses a challenge to me as an artist. How do I paint Laguna in a way that speaks differently?

Art Can Change the World!

It’s annoying to me when I hear the concept floating around that art is dispensable. Not enough money in the schools? Take away the art classes then, take away the music program. The economy is sluggish, so what’s the first thing to go but purchasing things that you don’t really need—like art?

A Banner Year

For many years now, the City of Laguna Beach, California has been commissioning local artists to paint colorful banners that hang from the light posts in town. They hang all along Pacific Coast Highway as well as down Broadway during the summer months. There are about 80 of these banners to date.