"Your Time Now" with Donna Friess

Author and psychologist Donna L. Friess, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus in Communications Studies at Cypress College in Orange County, CA. Donna has been a social activist for children’s rights. She facilitates a “Loss of a Loved One” support group and is an active professional speaker. She is a member of the United States Justice Department, Office for Victims of Crime, TTAC consortium, an advisory group on victims’ affairs. She was a founding member of Laura’s House, a shelter for victims of domestic violence, in the early 1990’s. She was recently nominated as “Super Volunteer 2012” by the San Juan Capistrano, CA Senior Program and she was nominated by the Orange County Business Journal for the Women in Business Award 2012. She was nominated for the United States President’s Service Award and has appeared on Oprah as well as other television and radio shows in the U.S. and aboard. She has authored five books, including her autobiography, Cry the Darkness (HCI, 1993) which has been published in seven languages. Named Teacher of the Year for Cypress College in 2009, Donna is listed in Who’s Who in America, Great Teachers, Who’s Who in the World and others. She and her husband, Ken, a former four term mayor, enjoy an active life in Orange County with their 11 grandchildren, their horses and dogs.

Wise People CHOOSE Their Battles

By Donna L. Friess, Ph.D…Suddenly there was a noisy scuffle. I turned on the powerful outdoor light and saw Buddy had caught a skunk – a very big black and white skunk!

Planting Happiness!

by Donna L. Friess…There it was, something magical and serendipitous: about a dozen brightly colored bird houses and feeders planted all around…in a forgotten patch by the pathway.

Listen with Ears on Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is upon us with the attendant promotions for romantic dinners, sentimental cards, flowers, or the “perfect” diamond necklace that somehow says, “I love you!” Wouldn’t it be something if your life were your valentine? It is possible.

Why Not You?

The lovely female TV interviewer asked for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s take on the day after he guided them to an incredible victory against the Denver Broncos. Wilson, small for a quarterback, told the story of discussing his size and abilities in terms of making it into the pros with his father who remarked, “Why not you?”

On Taking a Breath

As I reflect on the New Year’s advice and resolutions landing in my inbox, I wonder if the best thing some of us could do is simply to slow down and take a breath.

Beauty Is All Around Us

For years my husband and I have enjoyed a little share time by talking about what we observed of beauty on any given day. Last week, on the way to Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego, we drove along the coast. It was one of our beautiful warm California days, a perfect time for collecting Beauty.

A Gingerbread Time of Year

Our national time for celebration is upon us. This week I got the bright idea to hold a holiday “gingerbread fest” for my youngest grands (grandchildren); maybe even a contest!

Descendants: Six Degrees of Separation

My sister and I would while away long hours at our grandparents’ knees, captivated by stories of their adventures. Our grandfather owned a pharmacy in the horse and buggy days of Los Angeles and we would delight in hearing how he foiled a robber by pretending the oversized candy bar in his coat pocket was a gun.

On the Power of Cooking!

Last week, I was sharing with my daughter that I was working on coming up with a precious moment theme for the next article. She said, ‘Mom, why don’t you write about our family gatherings? What you have is what we all want.”

Journey to the Center of the World

Recently we returned from a marvelous journey to the center of the world. I took my two 16 year old grand girls and it was joyous for me to watch them as they discovered more about our planet. At the Center of the World, which is the equator monument in a tourist village, not too far from Quito, Ecuador, they delighted in having one foot in the Southern Hemisphere and the other in the Northern.

Finding Courage to Confront Life’s Dangers

The Times article was about the 39 year anniversary of Stuart House in Santa Monica, a program through UCLA’S Rape Treatment Center. This remarkable House is what saved our family when we had to fight a horrendous legal battle to stop my father from abusing his four year-old granddaughter, my niece.

Life’s Memorable Moments

I am so happy there were no hidden cameras in my yard this morning. If there were, I’m sure I would have shown up on YouTube and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Look, A Unicorn!

Yesterday my three grand girls who live across the street came swimming at our pool. Ashley, age 9, shared with me her Sunday afternoon petting zoo adventure with her daddy.

Start Horn Blasts to Herald a New Idea

Recently, I have been adventuring in Croatia and some of the Balkan Republics. I arrived home and hit the ground running, literally! My son, Rick, called to invite me to join him in the Orange County Marathon.

Let’s Live Out Loud!

“Let’s live out loud!” Last night that sentence practically jumped off the page of the book I was reading as I recalled the spectacle of the week before when 11,000 of us lined the streets for the biggest, noisiest non-motorized parade in the whole of the United States!