Change Warrior with Donna Highfill

Donna Highfill has over 25 years experience in helping Fortune 500 organizations and leaders through times of change. In addition, she's a humorist who enjoys helping baby boomer women deal with the big change of life with laughter. She published a book called "Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World" in which she shares stories and lessons to help others lead change. Donna is currently working on advanced coaching certification and her next book about being a preacher's kid.

A Zombie Attack Survival Guide for Boomers

Zombies aren’t just the walking dead, they are a state of mind. Check the mirror and your hormones. You might be closer to zombie status than you think.

Let’s Create Our Own Theme Park

Carnivals have matured into theme parks and water parks and zombie parks. The need for entertainment and escape is on the rise. And since baby boomers make up 25 percent of the population, I think it’s about time we had our own Baby Boomer Adventure Park.

Desperately Seeking Sleep – A One Act Play

Opening Scene: Donna has had a busy day. She gets in bed at midnight and reads until 12:45 a.m., at which point she dozes off. She reawakens at 1:30 a.m.

The New Story of Age

Nobody told me the greatest difficulty of aging would be growing older in a world that spins an ugly, sad story about the experience.

I Am Me, and That’s Okay

Yesterday, my husband cooked all day for our Super Bowl party. While he was in the kitchen preparing homemade scallop potatoes and deviled eggs, I was in the backyard with a shovel.

The Roseanne-Roseanna-Danna of Airports

Some of my friends are on planes every single week, dashing between clients. I don’t understand how in the world they do it with such style. I generally fly about once a month, and the experience is rarely smooth or pretty.

Gaining Boomer Energy by Changing the Conversation

I go to lunch with many fascinating 50+ friends only to realize that the reason I am severely depressed after lunch is because 80 percent of our conversational time was spent discussing ailments.

4 Simple but Significant Steps to Change

New Year’s resolutions are often a powerful yet perilous way to start off your New Year. Why?

We Are Still Here

I remember when I lived in Southern California in the late 60′s. Seismologists predicted there would be a massive earthquake in California, and the entire state would break off and fall into the ocean.

Glad I Didn’t Know “The Secret”

You can have anything you want by tapping into a “law of attraction” in the Universe. This is the premise of the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She writes that the Universe will manifest your desire as long as you know exactly what you want…As I fanned myself through another hot flash this morning, I started thinking about the things I might have attracted in my past had this premise worked for me.

How One Action Changed My Life

The little woman ate her breakfast quietly in the booth across from me and my husband. She was around 80 years-old, her hair thinning and a cane resting by her side. Occasionally, I would look up and we would make eye-contact and smile at each other. As we left the restaurant she followed us out the door, speeding along despite her dependence the cane. As I moved towards my car I sensed her warmth close behind me. She looked at me and said, You have the most gorgeous hair! I smiled and said, Wow, thank you!

How I Jumped My Way to Youth

I jumped up and down with glee, totally ignoring the pain in my calves and the fact that I was jumping in a puddle of spilled Diet Coke.

Why You Shouldn’t Count Calories at Thanksgiving

So, I accept the fact that one precious day a year I can eat gravy and pie and mashed potatoes made with real cream. This is the day that I can pick the marshmallows off the top of yams and eat only that sugary sweetness. This is the day when one meal leads to another and the only required exercise is walking to the television to watch football.