Linda Edwards has always been a fashionista at heart. Growing up in Hollywood, California with her actor/artist father and business executive mother, fashion and color were always obvious. Linda served on the Bullocks High School Fashion Board, spent five years as a model and was voted best-dressed in her college dorm. With a beautifully dressed mother and an actor father, her role models always looked fabulous.

While her actual career took her in a different direction, Linda has always been a lover of fashion and well-dressed - on trend without being trendy. She is now writing about her passion for fashion and having the time of her life. She works with a Southern California non-profit, Working Wardrobes, helping women dress for success, presents an image workshop for another non-profit and helps many women build a wardrobe from the ground up. What is Linda’s attitude about today? “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Wear a Cardi to the Party

Well, this is the year of the cardigan sweater – not the heavy cable knit, button-front in dull colors that my Aunt Ethel wore with her brown sensible shoes, but the updated, fun and fashionable new take on this old fave.

Bloomin’ into Summer

Well, spring has sprung and now we’re heading into summer. I am always in my own personal summer, so dressing for the heat is an issue. I do have a few ideas to help with this dilemma. Wear 100% cotton whenever you can.

Baby BLOOMER Spring Forecast

Spring is here and that means color, color and more color! There’s so much going on in fashion this spring it’s hard to know where to start – so let’s start with trends that are good for Boomers.