Health, Wealth & Music with Bernie Reifkind

Shirley Dudeck

Bernie is the Founder and CEO of Premier Search International, the leading health care recruiting company in the USA. In addition to recruitment, talent acquisition, and advising employers in the best practices of staffing and retention, Bernie is also an accomplished guitarist with a blazing style on acoustic, electric, bass and 12 string guitar. A classic singer-songwriter, Bernie also records and performs with professional musicians. Bernie has scored the music to plays, movies and has had his songs performed on national television. He recently met his lifelong idol, Paul McCartney, who was having dinner with some business associates. When the waiter, captain and manager of the restaurant approached Bernie (as if to shield Paul), Paul simply told the staff “It’s OK, we’re friends.” Want to discuss your career, staffing or music? You can reach Bernie at

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How to Find Job Satisfaction Without Even Trying

Life is relentless. Most of us are working harder than we ever have and some of us are earning even less money than we once did due to the economy and factors way beyond our control.

Hear A Little Music

For me listening to music is just as important as exercise and proper sleep. I could not live a day without listening to some type of music. I mean it.

Midnight Kiss

Greetings to the BoomerReviews community. By way of introduction, I want to share a song I wrote with you (see video below).It’s called “Midnight Kiss”.