This 50+ Thing with Karen Lambert

Karen LambertKaren Lambert has over 25 years of marketing communications, brand strategy, and overall marketing management experience, primarily in technology (although early-career industries included such "related" areas as produce and golf!). She is relatively new at this 50+ thing, but is trying to embrace it with a positive outlook and humor. Karen lives in Golden, CO, with her 11-year-old son. She loves hiking, running, yoga, and snowshoeing - and her claim to fame is having summitted all of Colorado's 54 fourteeners.

On Contractors, Coughs, and Headaches

My project is not all that complicated – I wanted to change one level of my house from carpet and tile to hardwood floors. I researched the various types, colors, and textures of hardwoods with eager diligence. Asked a lot of questions. Compared materials and labor costs with several retailers. Finally, I selected a multi-colored maple offered by a large flooring chain, and they provided me with the recommendation of a contractor who they heard did “good work.”

The Joys of Being Progressive

Is driving with progressive glasses the new “distracted driving” for the Boomer set? Forget the dangers of texting behind the wheel. That’s nowhere near as risky as a middle-aged person trying to drive at night while wearing progressives.

Confessions of a Middle-Aged “Tween”

In a couple of weeks, my son will turn 12 (yes, I had him later in life than most of his friends’ parents). He proudly considers himself to be a “tween,” meaning he’s somewhere in that nebulous place between child and teenager – which his older mother is absolutely NOT ready to face yet!