Hot Springs, Arkansas – American National Park Since 1921

The full proper name of Hot Springs, Arkansas is Hot Springs National Park. Hot Springs has a large military retirement population. With the location just about an hour southwest of Little Rock, easy access to the military bases and the major airport make this a great location; especially when you consider the number of lakes, restaurants, shopping, and hospitals nearby.

Iceland – Country of Wonders

Iceland is the country of wonders because the scenery is absolutely amazing. A few of the wonderful qualities of Iceland are: the people, food, adventures, views and its history.

Where in the World? Adventures with Karen Tooke Riechel

Welcome to “Where in the World?” I hope to share with you some wild adventures that I have experienced throughout the years along with new ones yet to come! This year, I became a member of the “50” club and the opportunity to share these adventures with you all presented itself in a timely manner.