Bloomin’ into Summer

Well, spring has sprung and now we’re heading into summer. I am always in my own personal summer, so dressing for the heat is an issue. I do have a few ideas to help with this dilemma. Wear 100% cotton whenever you can. I look for tee shirts with a short sleeve, not sleeveless, and a bit of embellishment on the v neck front. Just because it’s a tee doesn’t mean it can’t be classy and fashionable (don’t borrow your husband’s or son’s – or anyone’s). I have always found lots of Chicos maxi skirtthese types of tees in thrift stores, Ross for Less, TJ Max and small boutiques.

Also this summer we have a trend toward some air conditioning! The return of the skirt! I love the popular maxi skirts and dresses. Also, how wonderful that any skirt length is acceptable now – no more rules and regs about how to wear one. Chicos crop pantsIt’s a very liberating time for Boomers to dress appropriately and still look terrific. I will say, however, that mini-skirts are not flattering on most women over 40 – baggy or knobby knees, spider veins, liver spots – all those fabulous things need not be shown!

Chicos_walking shortsSummer pants come in many lengths as well. The walking short – just above the knee – is nice, but check yourself out carefully before wearing this one.

Pedal pushers have made a comeback as well. Just below the knee.

Capris – very stylish – about 2-3 inches below the knee.

Cropped pants – just above or at mid calf.

Ankle pants – just above the ankle.

And the old standby – full length pants below the ankle.

Make this your “hottest” summer ever – wear lots of color in either the tops or bottoms.  Bright colored pants are all the rage this year. Combine bright colors; get a “pop” of color in a handbag, shoes, scarf or belt.

Take a little time to dress – you’ll have fun, and you’ll feel and look fabulous.

Here’s to a bloomin’ summer!

*Page photos courtesy of Chicos. Home page photo courtesy of Fashion Bugs.

Linda Edwards

Linda Edwards

Linda Edwards has always been a fashionista at heart. Growing up in Hollywood, California with her actor/artist father and business executive mother, fashion and color were always obvious. Linda served on the Bullocks High School Fashion Board, spent five years as a model and was voted best-dressed in her college dorm. With a beautifully dressed mother and an actor father, her role models always looked fabulous. While her actual career took her in a different direction, Linda has always been a lover of fashion and well-dressed - on trend without being trendy. She is now writing about her passion for fashion and having the time of her life. She works with a Southern California non-profit, Working Wardrobes, helping women dress for success, presents an image workshop for another non-profit and helps many women build a wardrobe from the ground up. What is Linda’s attitude about today? “It doesn’t get any better than this!”
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