Dumbing Down Parenting?

Parents have the right to be smart and to think for both themselves and their children.

Parents have the right to teach their children right from wrong.

Parents have the right to keep themselves and their children safe.

Oh, who am I kidding?! Yes, we have these rights because when we were kids, we were taught this by our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even our peers. But are we claiming these rights?

Today I watched a news clip of a little girl feeding a dolphin at a marine park. The clip was a video taken by the girl’s parents. She was lined up with a bunch of other kids and she held a plate of dolphin food up in the air while looking at the camera instead of the hungry dolphin at the sea wall in front of her when suddenly the dolphin jumped up to grab that plate from her and bit her hand in the process.  So the news clip continued with the girl’s father saying there was no sign saying the children, parents, etc. should be careful and no warnings that the hungry dolphins might bite the hand that feeds them.

Come on, people! What parent in their right mind (key words) needs a sign in a situation like that? Well, the answer is: A parent who smells money and knows a good attorney. The dad, speaking on camera, went on and on about how there were no warnings posted. What the heck did he think when he saw all those hungry dolphins in front of the children?  Go ahead, honey, and tease that dolphin so he bites you and we can sue. Dolphins are better parents than this guy.

When I was a child, my parents taught me about safety, manners and doing what I was told. My folks spanked me when I deserved it. My friend got a dose of soap in her mouth when she talked back to her mom. Today she won’t eat cilantro because it reminds her of the taste of that soap. But she learned the lesson her mom taught her. I’m not a big proponent of corporal punishment in child-rearing. But I believe a parent should keep their child safe at all costs and that means teaching and embodying right over wrong.  That parent of the girl feeding the dolphin put his child in harm’s way, sign or no sign.

What do you think?  Could we be dumbing down the way we parent our children? Am I over-reacting with this rant?  I have questions…

Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram

I grew up in Golden, CO in the 50’s, the child of a middle class housewife and a lifelong employee of the U.S. Post Office. My professional career spanned 25 years with the U.S. Government and I retired early. Today I am an Aging-in-Place Specialist (which does not mean I just sit in a recliner and watch football), a devoted “Papa” to my grandchildren and partner to my lovely wife. I’m a crusty old fart who appreciates a good cigar, an old car, an occasional game of golf, Blue Collar Radio, NASCAR and my Denver Broncos. At BoomerReviews.com, I hold the title, “Chief of Questions.” Let’s see what you think about my questions and answers. Chime in!

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  1. Hey Gary……….i heard that they were told NOT to hold the empty dish out like the kid did…perhaps she forgot………dumb parents is right……i dunno……people are greedy and stupid put the two together and …god only knows what happens next…….and yes i did mean little g god 🙂

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