Empty Lot for People

On a Saturday afternoon of late summer 2013, in the midst of a Long Beach’s multicultural neighborhood inhabited mostly by Cambodians, Latinos and African-Americans, an empty lot became alive.

Architects @ MOCA

Southern California is a land of experiments. Los Angeles in particular. It is a land where many people are always inventing something. Writers, musicians, actors, animation wizards, painters, sculptors, and also architects, seniors and juniors, are continuously pushing the envelope.

The Blue Boulevard Vision

This video synoptically illustrates Professor Michael’s Burt vision of a marine development option for Israel through the creation of artificial islands capable of absorbing 3,000,000 people and infrastructure. The islands shall be based on a new technology invented by Prof. Burt that is friendly to the marine ecosystem and uses only 7% of material to build the islands’ volume. The idea shown here offer an alternative for the development of the coastal plain and confront the dangers of environmental deterioration, agricultural extinction and skyrocketing real estate prices.

Salon Sapiens

The Salon on the Spiritualy Creative Life” by the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, under the Ventura Freeway Bridge, is a unique place. The feeling is that of being in a cathedral without walls. Although not many people would chose to build a house under a freeway, Carol Soucek King and Richard King had the vision and courage to do it. Within it they host a salon dedicated to link spirituality with the arts, science, philosophy, music, literature and social issues.

Family-Style City of Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is a family-oriented community in Orange County, California. It was founded in 1968. There’s no “old town” here. “A Well-Planned Community” was the theme when it started and that’s just the way it is today.

Oh Picasso!

A portrait of Pablo Picasso’s lover Marie-Therese Walter sold in London on Tuesday night for £28.6 million ($45.0 million, 33.3 million euros), Southeby’s auction house said.

Last Light on Laguna

Laguna Beach, California must be one of the most “painted” towns in the world. That fact poses a challenge to me as an artist. How do I paint Laguna in a way that speaks differently?

Art Can Change the World!

It’s annoying to me when I hear the concept floating around that art is dispensable. Not enough money in the schools? Take away the art classes then, take away the music program. The economy is sluggish, so what’s the first thing to go but purchasing things that you don’t really need—like art?

A Banner Year

For many years now, the City of Laguna Beach, California has been commissioning local artists to paint colorful banners that hang from the light posts in town. They hang all along Pacific Coast Highway as well as down Broadway during the summer months. There are about 80 of these banners to date.

Art Festival Season in Laguna Beach

It’s art festival season in Laguna Beach, CA. Summertime brings the Art-A-Fair, the Sawdust Festival and the main Laguna Beach Art Festival with its famous “Pageant of the Masters” live show under the stars.