Empty Lot for People

On a Saturday afternoon of late summer 2013, in the midst of a Long Beach’s multicultural neighborhood inhabited mostly by Cambodians, Latinos and African-Americans, an empty lot became alive.

My Own Personal Tina Fey

Throughout my life, I have been told that I resemble various actresses: in the 80s, it was Sally Field; in the 90s it was Julia Louis-Dreyfus (something to do with the big 90s hair); in the early 2000s it was Megan Mullally as Karen Walker on “Will and Grace” (please note that I am a […]

New Site for Classic Car Enthusiasts

MyClassicGarage.com Launches a Robust Social Media Site for Automobile Enthusiasts (via PR Newswire) Download image MyClassicGarage Social Website For Vehicle Enthusiasts. (PRNewsFoto/MyClassicGarage.com) CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MyClassicGarage.com has just launched their latest product, MCG Social at http://myclassicgarage.…

Streets and “Stradaccie” in L.A.

Stradaccie (pronounced stra-da-che) means “ugly streets in Italian. It is the plural of stradaccia, a pejorative of the Italian word strada, street.

Shooting at Memories

The Mount Zion Jewish Cemetery in East Los Angeles was founded in 1916 by the free Burial Society (Chevra Kaddisha,) it was intended for free burials of poor Jews. Mount Zion is almost entirely headstones, gravel and dirt.

The Blue Boulevard Vision

This video synoptically illustrates Professor Michael’s Burt vision of a marine development option for Israel through the creation of artificial islands capable of absorbing 3,000,000 people and infrastructure. The islands shall be based on a new technology invented by Prof. Burt that is friendly to the marine ecosystem and uses only 7% of material to build the islands’ volume. The idea shown here offer an alternative for the development of the coastal plain and confront the dangers of environmental deterioration, agricultural extinction and skyrocketing real estate prices.

Salon Sapiens

The Salon on the Spiritualy Creative Life” by the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, under the Ventura Freeway Bridge, is a unique place. The feeling is that of being in a cathedral without walls. Although not many people would chose to build a house under a freeway, Carol Soucek King and Richard King had the vision and courage to do it. Within it they host a salon dedicated to link spirituality with the arts, science, philosophy, music, literature and social issues.

Los Angeles Cathedral

During the past one hundred hears the building of cathedrals became rare. Has the subject become obsolete? Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles provides one answer.

Let’s Create Our Own Theme Park

Carnivals have matured into theme parks and water parks and zombie parks. The need for entertainment and escape is on the rise. And since baby boomers make up 25 percent of the population, I think it’s about time we had our own Baby Boomer Adventure Park.

Gehry in Vegas

Frank Gehry’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas carries a powerful message: great architecture can be humanistic, daring, economically feasible, sustainable and historically literate, all at the same time.

We Started Out as Children

I started out as a child. How’s that for an opening? All of us who were children during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s used our imagination to re-enact scenes from movies, TV programs and comic books.

Israel Beyond Wars

In September of 2012, Prof. Michael Burt from the Technion invited me to Haifa to start the process of producing a documentary on his vision of artificial islands along Israel’s Mediterranean coast. My flight from L.A. was scheduled for November 18.

Humor Makes a Memorable Thanksgiving

Some of my favorite memories of this blessed holiday involve minor catastrophes. The first happened the year my newly single mom decided we should invite a Marine from Camp Pendleton near San Diego to our home in Newport Beach for dinner with family and friends.

AARP Contest – Win $50,000

We have become big fans of AARP. They are reinventing themselves to be of great service and usefulness to Boomers. You’ll see us reposting some of their material here from time to time, just because it’s good stuff.

Cooler than the Mall

How does one get people to come and use a public library, at a time when information sources are decentralized and can be retrieved through cell phones, tablets and computers? “Come to experience it;” that is the Cerritos Library’s “active ingredient.”