MAD as a Boomer

MAD Magazine just turned 60. So did its infamous cartoon mascot, Alfred E. Neuman. Hearing about this epic milestone via Mo Rocca on last weekend’s “CBS Sunday Morning” program made me wonder: Why has Alfred E. Neuman never been TIME’s “Person of the Year,” or even “Man of the Year,” which is what the designation used to be called?

Holy Aleve, Batman!

Appealing to Boomers is much bigger than pushing med’s, wellness and pain management products. From the 60’s to the 80’s, we opened a whole new world of exploration, technology, science and entertainment. My question for you today is: Why wouldn’t the generation that coined the term “outside the box” want to continue to explore and experiment as we age?

Only in LA

Only in Los Angeles could you have a space shuttle take four days to be moved 12 miles from LAX to its permanent location at the California Science Center museum. There were a lot of obstacles along the way.

The Fabulous TMZ Hollywood Tour Bus

My heart has always been in Hollywood. I grew up in Southern California and I love pop culture, even today when it’s at its worst. I was one of the first annual subscribers to People Magazine, a subscription I kept until two years ago when I finally decided to read People online instead. I still buy the magazine at the market sometimes and virtually every time I’m at an airport so I can read it on a plane.

Home Security – Do You Have a Moat?

Our home may be our castle, but not too many of us have a mote around it with guards on duty. So on to reality. Locks for doors and windows should be good ones.