Why Baby Boomers May Be the Key to Your Restaurant’s Success

A study done by market research firm NPD Group (NPD) reveals that America’s 76 million boomers, born 1946-64, were responsible for 23 billion restaurant visits last year, generating $172 billion in sales for our America’s restaurants. Also according…

10 Great Drinks for Patio or Poolside

10 Drinks to Sip Poolside (via Food 52) Summer is all about spending time outside. When the weather gets really hot, nothing beats a day lounging by the pool, drink in hand. Whether you have a yard full of guests or you’re enjoying a relaxing solo sesh — or you’re really on someone’s roof…

New Study Shows Soda Damages Teeth…Seriously

Soda Damages The Teeth As Much Crack-Cocaine Or Methamphetamine Use, Research Finds (via Planetsave) The regular consumption of soda damages your teeth as much as methamphetamine and crack cocaine use does, according to a new case study published in a recent issue of the journal General Dentistry. Crack cocaine is often characterized (accurately) as causing […]

Weighing in on the Mediterranean Diet

Can a type of diet be as powerful as prescribed medications in preventing disease and death? A recent study (February 25, 2013) published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) had some very promising results.

Starbucks Reusable Mug

Starbucks and $1 Reusable Mug: Trying to Fit a Shoe on the Wrong Foot (via Ecopreneurist) Starbucks introduces the $1 reusable plastic mug that bears the Starbucks logo and is white to match its disposable cups. The coffee chain will offer a dime discount for refills with the reusable mug, hoping this will encourage coffee […]

The Rugby Grille in Birmingham, MI

We had the pleasure of dining at The Rugby Grille at The Townsend Hotel in lovely Birmingham, MI last night and what a treat it was. From the warm, elegant surroundings to the excellent wine and fabulous meal, we enjoyed every minute.

Donuts & Auto Parts

It is Thanksgiving week and what am I focused on besides football? That would be food and a road trip…Here in California where I live now, there are donut shops everywhere – more donut shops than gas stations.

Favorite Sushi Restaurants

Sushi restaurants in big cities are not on every corner, like Starbucks. Yet there can be two on every major street or boulevard. With so many sushi options all around us today, it may be hard to fathom that sushi first appeared in the USA in the late 60’s, only a few years before the first Starbucks opened in Seattle in 1971.

Dining Out Alone

I used to hate to dine out alone. As a woman who traveled for work when I was in my 30’s and 40’s, I would choose not to eat if I couldn’t meet a friend or associate, get fast food or order room service. Now, I love dining alone while on the road

The Reluctant Vegan

First, I must admit that I am not yet a vegan (pronounced “veegun”). I’m not even entirely vegetarian – yet. At 59, I’m moving toward a plant-based diet and away from consuming animal products for a number of reasons, the first of which is that my teenage daughter has fully embraced veganism.

Key Lime Pie via the Sky

It’s always summer somewhere. And even in the winter months, I’m with Kenny Chesney in lovin’ my key lime pie! Last winter, I learned I don’t have to make it, either… I can order the best key lime pie I have experienced on the planet so far from Randy’s Fishmarket & Restaurant in Naples, FL.

A Message to Urban Restaurant Management

I recently joined three friends for dinner at a restaurant that I’ve enjoyed in the past. It’s a really hip, trendy and beautifully designed place with great food, located in the Irvine Spectrum shopping center in Orange County, CA. It’s called Cucina Enoteca and is part of a small chain called “Urban Kitchen.”

Keedy’s Fountain & Grill

Even in the hot summer months in Palm Desert, CA, we enjoy breakfast at Keedy’s Fountain & Grill on Highway 111. The way it looks from the outside, it could be called “Seedy’s” – but the food is awesome.