Good Health Gardening Tips

My friends marvel at my gardening.  “How do your flowers always look so good?” they ask.  My potted gems never wilt from heat exertion or die from frostbite. “What’s your secret?” they probe.

 Silk, my dear. I plant silk flowers in dirt in pots. I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years so I think of myself as Master Silk Gardener.

 My secret sauce:

·         I begin spring and fall with a trip to my go-to flower shop, Michaels. The store has terrific pre-season (40 percent off) sales on current selections. I buy Ashland large flower

·         Geraniums and pansies in the summer; mums in the fall. These are flowers that are common in Michigan where I live, so they easily pass for the real thing.

·         I have four large pots to fill, so I buy four stems per pot.

·         I’ve also invested in eight ivy stems @ $7.99 per stem (they are on their eighth year so that’s about $1 per stem).  I use two stems per pot with my summer flowers.

·         I buy light colored flowers so they last for two seasons.  The dark ones fade in the sun.

·         At the end of the season, I pull them out of the dirt, shake them off, and store them until next year.

·         I keep my pots with the dirt in them in my garage so they are ready for next year.

·         For under $200 I have two sets of full grown lush flowers—one set for summer; one for fall; each set lasting two seasons.

 How this is Good Health Gardening:

·         I don’t over exert myself in the hot sun.

·         I don’t hurt my back digging or carrying the flats around the yard.

·         Silk flowers are cheaper than real.

·         I don’t stress over watering them everyday

Silk gardening works for me—a natural brown thumber!

Suzie Mitchell
Suzie Mitchell has been writing about Boomers throughout her entire 30 year career. She has been a journalist, press secretary, fundraiser and public relations executive. She loves technology and currently is a messaging consultant and blogger for digital healthcare companies that target Boomers, Seniors and Caregivers.
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