Fall Brings Reunions, Tailgates, and Old Friends

Who would think that 44 years later my husband and I would be tailgating with classmates from college! Where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday that we were walking across campus for a Saturday game, strategizing our activities for our clubs, and planning for alums (old people) to show up on campus. The alums always wanted to tell us how it “used to be.”

Katie on Caregiving

Kudos to Katie Couric and her production team for shining the light on family caregivers today on her new ABC afternoon show.

Can Caregiving Make You Happy?

When it comes to caring for a loved one, happiness may not be the first emotion you would associate with a life role that many find overwhelming, frustrating, exhausting and time-consuming.

Caregiver Weight Connected to Breast Cancer Risk

It has long been suspected weight gain is a slippery slope to breast cancer risk. Now recent studies are not only supporting this claim but also showing weight loss – even just 10 percent of total body weight – may also help prevent breast cancer.