Good-for-Your-Gut Vacation Foods

Summer is the time to hit the road and explore someplace new. But changes in time zone, cuisine and your daily routine can leave your stomach feeling less than stellar.

Fight Cholesterol With Healthy Fats

When it comes to improving your cholesterol numbers, the popular line of thinking goes something like this: “Eat less of this. Don’t eat that. Never, ever even think of looking at those!”

The Fiber-Heart Connection

Most people equate a high-fiber diet with a healthy digestive system. But did you know that certain types of fiber play an important role in heart health too?

Watching Your Weight? Fiber Is Your Friend

The body’s metabolism naturally slows when adults hit their 40s. Combine that with a drop in physical activity, unchecked stress and maybe less-than-stellar eating habits, and you’ve got the formula for creeping weight gain.

The Power of 10

You hit the snooze button one too many times this morning, got handed a new project at 4:45 p.m. or used up your lunch break buying a gift for a friend. No matter the reason, many people have a hard time finding a solid 30-minute window to exercise.

Live Like Diana Nyad

After watching Diana Nyad swim from Cuba to Florida I was pumped for my next 50 mile ride. I want to harness her energy, so yesterday I rode like she swims, finishing in 3h/30m. Loved it. Before taking off, smartness took over. Unlike my last ride, this time I wore a sports bra, put on […]

Hire Boomers!

That was one of the five reasons to connect with Boomers. Right on. Boomers “practically invented road trips, fitness running, backpacking in exotic locales, ecotourism, adrenaline sports.” Absolutely.

What’s the Take Away? – Ironman Austin Training

Ironman Austin training is hot underway, literally. To help prepare for the hot, humid weather, I just road 50 miles in 100 degrees. Hell, it was hell.