Men Love Competitive Sports in a Different Way than Women

 You’ve probably heard the term “football-baseball-golf widow,” meaning “the men” are gone for an entire day (or weekend, or week) to participate in and/or watch sports. And even if they’re not gone — they might still be in the house watching their favorite sport on TV — it can feel like they’re gone. I understand there […]

4 Suggestions for Great Dating and Relationship Advice

I seem to have one of those faces that puts people (even strangers) at ease, and because of this I end up in interesting conversations with people at parties, on airplanes, in movie lines, etc.

Coaching for Women Who Ask Me Where to Meet Single Men

As a dating and relationship coach I’m asked this question frequently, “Where can I meet single men?”

GPS and Dating

We all love our GPS devices. They get us from one place to another on a daily basis. No more wrong turns. No more going in circles. We now have a tool that clearly lays out the best route for us.
So, you ask me, What on earth does my GPS device have to do with the dating process?

What is it about Me?

So, then I asked myself, “What about them was attractive (enough) for me to go out with them?” Not as easy to answer. Perhaps it was because he was the only one to ask me out? Maybe I thought he was good looking? Or did I think that because I was so terrific, he would turn into a different person?