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Keith WolzingerEver since he was in his teens,’s  Klezmer Podcast blogger Keith Wolzinger has had a passion for both music and aviation. “While aviation turned out to be the better career choice for me, I have kept a constant path in music as well,” says Keith. A full-time pilot for American Airlines for many years, Keith also performs with the South Coast Simcha Band and the Party Machine Band, is a voting member of The Recording Academy and recently began branching out as a Voiceover Artist.

When asked how an airline pilot came to blog and podcast about Klezmer, an Eastern European style of Jewish music, Keith is reflective. “I was introduced to what we call today ‘World Music’ by my mother when I was very young,” he says.  “In addition to Klezmer, she loved everything from African music to Tibetan chimes. Remember calypso? It was the precursor to reggae. I still have most of her record collection.” Keith also enjoys the interaction with both the artists and the fans. “I have come to realize what a small world the music industry has become and that there are some really amazing people out there who deserve to be heard.”

culturalLogo4bKeith believes that life is a challenge to be embraced.  He appreciates that he has been able to do what he loves and love what he does, but also knows that it’s important to strive for just that. “My favorite quote is something I learned from one of my Civil Air Patrol leaders as a teen:  Exceed the challenge. Don’t just do the minimum required for a given task. You must strive to excel.

Expect Keith’s blog posts and podcasts about the music and great talent in the world of Klezmer to continue to delight his listeners and readers.

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