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We know Boomers are all over Facebook. Are they on Twitter?  Not as much, that’s for sure.  One of the reasons is that Twitter has its own lingo that Boomers have been hesitant to want to learn.  Do you know the difference between the # (hashtag) and @ (at) on Twitter?  Most of us do not.Twitter 2

The truth is, if we Boomers want to stay up with our Millennial children and co-workers, we need to be on Twitter.  We don’t have to be tweeting all the time ourselves, but we can be following people and places we like and “stalking” Twitter for information and fun.

Mashable, the very best resource for anything you ever wanted to know about social media, just published “The Complete Guide to Twitter Lingo”.  Click on that title and take a look.  You can learn enough in just five minutes to stick your big toe into Twitter. Go for it!



Our purpose: To give Boomers a VOICE in the world of social proof… Boomers! There are about 73 million of us who were born during the post WWII Baby Boom from 1946 to 1964.

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