More Questions for the New Year

porta pottyWhy are there not public porta potties every 10 miles on the open highway?  That would spell relief for pregnant women, people with bladder infections and old guys like me who may not make it to the next rest area or gas station 50 miles ahead!

If you have a green vehicle running on a battery, why are you allowed to drive in the fast lane in front of my F-250? Why not give our green vehicles the far right lane instead? Seems a safer option to me.

With all the new devices in a car, why not one that blocks you from using a phone unless it’s hands-free? Perhaps such a device would shut the engine off within 10 seconds of starting it unless the hands-free device is activated.

Why do we say a Honda, Toyota or Nissan is made in America? Yes, those companies have factories here; but other than payroll, the money still goes back to Japan, right?

Post your questions for the New Year as a comment here (remembering that I don’t do politics or religion), or feel free to send them to me via email. I’ll ponder them along with you and perhaps even share answers.  My email is:

Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram

I grew up in Golden, CO in the 50’s, the child of a middle class housewife and a lifelong employee of the U.S. Post Office. My professional career spanned 25 years with the U.S. Government and I retired early. Today I am an Aging-in-Place Specialist (which does not mean I just sit in a recliner and watch football), a devoted “Papa” to my grandchildren and partner to my lovely wife. I’m a crusty old fart who appreciates a good cigar, an old car, an occasional game of golf, Blue Collar Radio, NASCAR and my Denver Broncos. At, I hold the title, “Chief of Questions.” Let’s see what you think about my questions and answers. Chime in!

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