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Way Way Back 2I’m enjoying my annual visit to Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Day six and finally a movie to truly love! The Way Way Back is touching and hysterical. Remember Little Miss Sunshine? It’s that kind of surprise. Fox Searchlight has picked up this great new film starring Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Liam Duncan. Don’t miss it! Check out The Way Way Back at Sundance Film Festival and be watching for it to come to a theater near you in a few months. It’s a great summer film!

Mary Tennyson
Mary Tennyson grew up in the Washington, DC area, went to college in the Midwest, started her career in Boston, and ventured west to California after her husband, Pete, finished law school. She has a BA from Purdue and an MBA from USC. A career/wife/mom, she spent 20 years in the computer software world. In 2008 she founded StashAll®, which manufactures a product line of stylish accessories for the mobility challenged. She and Pete have four grown children and reside in Orange County, CA.
Mary Tennyson
Mary Tennyson

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