So Long, Cubicle Refugee

by Sherri Scheck-Merrill…A revamped workspace improves productivity, recruitment, retention and the general culture of a company or business, especially where multi-generational demographics are involved.

More People are Finding Work than Losing It

Who’s dropping out of the labor force? Not just retiring Baby Boomers (via The story behind the falling unemployment rate in New Jersey and across the United States has been told with a significant asterisk: It’s falling not so much because more people are finding work than losing it, as it is that more […]

Online News Boosts Media Industry

Digital ventures boost ailing news media, study shows (via AFP) Online news ventures have added nearly 5,000 US media jobs in the past few years, boosting an industry that is still reeling from technology changes, a study showed Wednesday. The Pew Research Center’s “State of the News Media 2014” report said these…

Economy is Rebounding, but….

Five years since Wall Street cratered: Economy rebounds but questions, uncertainty remain (via Five years ago today, Wall Street hit rock bottom. The Dow Jones industrial average closed at 6,547.05. The Standard & Poor’s 500 hit 676.53. The Nasdaq composite index ended at 1,268.64. Then it barely looked back. The bull market that began […]

Collaborating: The Art of Many Returns

Trend Whisperer, A blog by Sherri Scheck-Merrill
This week’s trend report was inspired one year ago and to this day, still strikes a chord. Here’s how it began…..
THE GOOD NEWS: Ikea announced plans to open a budget hotel chain via a collaboration with Marriott International and would brand it: The Moxy?!

“Boomer Business Summit” in San Diego March 13th!

One of the best gatherings of high profile people who know the most about Boomers or who successfully do business with them – marketers, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, venture capitalists, gerontologists, health care professionals, educators and media – is the Boomer Business Summit!

The Name-Game

Per Shakespeare: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But, today, many of us must ask, “Would it rank well if googled?”

How’s Your Portfolio?

US stocks plunge 2% in broad sell-off  (via AFP) US stocks plunged around two percent Friday, sinking for a second straight day on concerns over emerging economies and disappointments in US corporate earnings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 318.24 points (1.96 percent) to 15,879.11. The…

An Internship Business Where Boomers & Teens Work Together

Who says Boomers can’t get along with today’s high school students? I am happy to report that a new trend is developing among hard-working high school students who desire job experience before graduating!

Carmaker Comebacks in 2013

Carmakers rack up big gains in 2013 US sales (via AFP) Major automakers closed out 2013 with mixed results for December US sales Friday, as the booming auto industry racked up its best annual performance in years. “The auto industry was a consistent bright spot in the economic recovery throughout 2013,”…

Fiat Gains Momentum in Bid to Buy Chrysler

Fiat Takes Drivers Seat in $4.35B Chrysler Buyout (via Bloomberg TV) Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Matt Miller examines Fiat’s deal to take full ownership of Chrysler on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” — Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: “Bloomberg’s Surveillance…

Deck the Windows All Year Long

There’s nothing quite as iconic and mesmerizing as storefront windows this time of year, which is why I selected the “glamour of windows” as this week’s trend!

Tweet: Bumpy Week on Wall Street

Twitter IPO highlights bumpy week for US stocks (via AFP) Twitter held center stage on Wall Street in a week of rocky trade that ultimately held up against sell-offs of bubbly tech shares to produce a new Dow record. Twitter’s long-awaited IPO dazzled the market as the company jacked up its first offer price…

Lifestyle Branding

It’s a recurring trend and in today’s hyper-competitive world of branding, several are jumping on the bandwagon with the same goal which is to become the next mega “Lifestyle Brand.”

Google Stock Milestone

Google shares smash $1,000 barrier for the first time (via The Inquirer) INTERNET GIANT Google has reached an important milestone, as its stock price topped $1,000 per share on Friday. Following Google’s better than expected quarterly results released earlier, the market responded with a 12.66 percent jump in its share price…