Party on Prom Goers!

 Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!  —Robin Williams

Last Saturday at our local Target shopping center I spotted a teenage couple I assumed was going to their “prom.”

She was decked out in a halter style full length dress in red. My mind did a quick cerebral file card search recalling when “red” formals were reserved for holidays and “ladies of the night.” Her date was sporting a white tux with a red vest, cummerbund and tie. His footwear was a pair of red Keds. Hey, Cybill Shepherd and Ellen had nothing on him!tailoreddogtuxedoblack3

I flashbacked to my first prom in the Spring of 1968. My mother and I went down to the Pomona Mall which housed such retailers as Thom McKan, Sears, Lerners, Kinney Shoes, 5 7 9, to find a dress. My prom dress was purchased for $25 from Lerners. I had the receipt for that dress until a few years ago when my husband declared that I was not the Smithsonian and that I needed to ditch some things.

My date for that evening was Greg Cook, a junior. He picked me up in a fairly new model Corvette he had borrowed from a neighbor or friend. Of course, the highlight of the evening for the guys was “checking out the Corvette.”

That first prom dress was a staple in my closet. My younger sister, Carolyn, wore it the next year to the Christmas formal. The dress “debuted” again in 1970 for my own prom with my steady, Curt Searfoss.

Party on prom goers everywhere! Enjoy your Spring Fling!

Kathy Hairston

Kathy Hairston

A native of California, Kathy grew up in the Pomona Valley. In the 60’s her parents began halter showing Quarter Horses. This hobby led them to purchase a small ranch in Ontario where they began raising and racing Quarter Horses and eventually moved on to Thoroughbreds. Although she never became a rider, their enthusiasm for horses was instilled in Kathy; she attended the Equestrian events at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Kathy purchased her first “show” quality English Bulldog in 1971. She has been actively showing and breeding dogs for 29 years. She has raised and finished champions in two breeds, Bulldogs and American Staffordshire Terriers. Kathy is a member of the Bulldog Club of America and the Pacific Coast Bulldog Club. She has served on the PCBC Board of Directors and has been their show secretary, public relations and fundraising chair. She currently is their AKC reporter. When not at a dog show, Kathy is at the drag strip watching her son, Clint, drive a 2007 Pontiac GTO at 251 mph. The GTO is tuned by her younger son, Jake, and the team is managed by Jim, her husband of 38 years.
Kathy Hairston

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