Why is Italian Leather so Fine?

by Gary Ingram…Are Italian steers and other animals better than those of any other country in the world? Do they get a special diet of spaghetti and Chianti instead of hay and water?

Aging Can Be Sexy!

The Fabulous Fashionistas Challenge Women to Believe that Aging Naturally is Powerfully Sexy (via The Cultureist) By Sarah Zinn At 75 years old, Bridget Sojourner refuses to become invisible. “Most older women are not noticed, so in turn they become invisible,” she said. “I am visible.” With her daring fashion style, Sojourner is not only […]

A Millenial Writes about Buying a Car vs. a Smart Phone

By The Time Millennials Afford Cars, It Might Be Too Late (via Gas 2.0) A recent study has determined that Generation Y, i.e. Millennials, are just as interested in buying new cars as prior generations. The problem is that most 20-somethings can’t even afford to move out of their parents’ house, nevermind take on a…

Gifts for the Boss

The average holiday shopper will spend $737.95; slightly less than the $752.24 spent last year, according to the National Retail Federation. But reaching an all-time high is the amount that will be spent in the U.S. on the always-trending-very-high, trustworthy staple: the gift card!

Mandela’s Popular Shirts

Mandela shirts showed he was true to himself (via AFP) Pathe Ouedraogo can barely keep up with demand for his “Mandela shirts” since Nelson Mandela died last week. The man whose designs were made famous by the anti-apartheid icon has fond memories of his most high-profile client, who was “not afraid” to…

How Black Will Black Friday Be?

Black Friday, November 29, 2013, is more than a day of just seeking out great prices! It’s an annual trend for many who consider “shopping their sport” and Black Friday, dare I say, their Super Bowl!

Check Out Ms. Gotrocks

I’m talking fabulous, unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from semi-precious stones, shells, crystals and beads crafted by the creative genius of a passionate artist who doesn’t charge half a month’s take-home pay for one item.

Designer Marc Jacobs Leaves Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs bids farewell to Louis Vuitton (via AFP) Paris fashion gave Marc Jacobs a standing ovation Wednesday as news broke that the designer who transformed Louis Vuitton from “stodgy luggage house” to global fashion giant is to leave. The US designer with a flair for showmanship dedicated his final…

War Between the Media and Reality

Whatever happened to news? What has become of national news?Do we really need to know that a state governor was locked out of her home in her bathrobe while she saw her child off to school? Do we need to know that Justin Bieber has grown a mustache?

Amazon Launches Store for Boomers

Some of you Boomers may have missed a big story that broke last month. We first saw the news on TechCrunch. Amazon launched a new store that is catering to Boomers and seniors.

Wear a Cardi to the Party

Well, this is the year of the cardigan sweater – not the heavy cable knit, button-front in dull colors that my Aunt Ethel wore with her brown sensible shoes, but the updated, fun and fashionable new take on this old fave.

Bloomin’ into Summer

Well, spring has sprung and now we’re heading into summer. I am always in my own personal summer, so dressing for the heat is an issue. I do have a few ideas to help with this dilemma. Wear 100% cotton whenever you can.

Baby BLOOMER Spring Forecast

Spring is here and that means color, color and more color! There’s so much going on in fashion this spring it’s hard to know where to start – so let’s start with trends that are good for Boomers.

Fifty Shades of Reading Glasses

When I was in my early 40’s, I suddenly realized my arms were no longer long enough to hold a book out so I could read it. It dawned on me that I would have to break down and buy some reading glasses. I didn’t even know where to find them so I asked a friend at work. She directed me to the pharmacy. I spent about 30 minutes figuring out which ones were the right strength and wound up buying some ugly little wire rimmed 1.25’s.

Boomers Reinventing Fashion and Style at 50+

This post will examine how Boomers can be expected to reinvent fashion and style as they turn 50, 60 and 70. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boomers are outspending other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year on consumer goods and services.