Trains, Planes & Automobiles

There are probably millions of us who collect cars. If you don’t believe me, watch the Barrett-Jackson Auction on the Speed channel sometime.

The Flick

It was Chuck who first taught me about cars when I was a child. He was married to my late sister, Arline, who was 16 years older than I, so he was a great father-figure. When I rode shotgun with Chuck around town, he would suddenly point and ask me, “Hey, what’s the make, model and year of that car?” If my answer was correct, I was praised. If I was wrong, I got “the flick.”

Ford Edgy

We are a Ford family. If you don’t like Fords, you can move onto another post. But frankly, I was fed up with Fords a couple of years ago. I had an old 2002 Explorer I loved; but I knew it was dying.