Aging Can Be Sexy!

The Fabulous Fashionistas Challenge Women to Believe that Aging Naturally is Powerfully Sexy (via The Cultureist) By Sarah Zinn At 75 years old, Bridget Sojourner refuses to become invisible. “Most older women are not noticed, so in turn they become invisible,” she said. “I am visible.” With her daring fashion style, Sojourner is not only […]

Mandela’s Popular Shirts

Mandela shirts showed he was true to himself (via AFP) Pathe Ouedraogo can barely keep up with demand for his “Mandela shirts” since Nelson Mandela died last week. The man whose designs were made famous by the anti-apartheid icon has fond memories of his most high-profile client, who was “not afraid” to…

Designer Marc Jacobs Leaves Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs bids farewell to Louis Vuitton (via AFP) Paris fashion gave Marc Jacobs a standing ovation Wednesday as news broke that the designer who transformed Louis Vuitton from “stodgy luggage house” to global fashion giant is to leave. The US designer with a flair for showmanship dedicated his final…

Wear a Cardi to the Party

Well, this is the year of the cardigan sweater – not the heavy cable knit, button-front in dull colors that my Aunt Ethel wore with her brown sensible shoes, but the updated, fun and fashionable new take on this old fave.

Bloomin’ into Summer

Well, spring has sprung and now we’re heading into summer. I am always in my own personal summer, so dressing for the heat is an issue. I do have a few ideas to help with this dilemma. Wear 100% cotton whenever you can.

Boomers Reinventing Fashion and Style at 50+

This post will examine how Boomers can be expected to reinvent fashion and style as they turn 50, 60 and 70. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boomers are outspending other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year on consumer goods and services.

Walk in Style with WalkStyles

I was tired of only finding tight plants and crop tops for exercising wear that reveal way too much of me. Then I found the WalkStyles line of athletic wear.

A Tom’s Fan

I don’t know the whole story about Tom’s, but I know that my sister and her 18 year-old daughter both started to wear them last year. They look very comfortable.