War Between the Media and Reality

Whatever happened to news? What has become of national news?Do we really need to know that a state governor was locked out of her home in her bathrobe while she saw her child off to school? Do we need to know that Justin Bieber has grown a mustache?

Boomers Reinventing Fashion and Style at 50+

This post will examine how Boomers can be expected to reinvent fashion and style as they turn 50, 60 and 70. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boomers are outspending other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year on consumer goods and services.

Buffalo Wings May Break Your Bank

Food price outlook: Will Buffalo wings break your budget in 2013? (via The Christian Science Monitor) Feeding guests at your Super Bowl party could get a little expensive this year. Why? The price of Buffalo wings has spiked 52 percent in the past year, and analysts expect that to continue. “The wings are really causing […]

SmoothClips – a Great Stocking-Stuffer!

BoomerReviews.com was delighted to receive our first product for review this week from a Southern California company called SmoothClip. And these little plastic clips are indeed a big hit with the BoomerReviews team! They are so great that we are ordering more from to give as stocking stuffers this year!

On Contractors, Coughs, and Headaches

My project is not all that complicated – I wanted to change one level of my house from carpet and tile to hardwood floors. I researched the various types, colors, and textures of hardwoods with eager diligence. Asked a lot of questions. Compared materials and labor costs with several retailers. Finally, I selected a multi-colored maple offered by a large flooring chain, and they provided me with the recommendation of a contractor who they heard did “good work.”