Revolutionary In-Store Shopping Technology

How mobile technology is revolutionizing in-store shopping (via GlobalPost) Advances in e-commerce technology could allow some companies to target specific deals to smartphone users. Heesun Wee, CNBC There’s mobile technology-driven change brewing in the way you shop at brick-and-mortar stores. Disappearing are the days when you walked in and headed blindly for the sales section…

Buffalo Wings May Break Your Bank

Food price outlook: Will Buffalo wings break your budget in 2013? (via The Christian Science Monitor) Feeding guests at your Super Bowl party could get a little expensive this year. Why? The price of Buffalo wings has spiked 52 percent in the past year, and analysts expect that to continue. “The wings are really causing […]

SmoothClips – a Great Stocking-Stuffer! was delighted to receive our first product for review this week from a Southern California company called SmoothClip. And these little plastic clips are indeed a big hit with the BoomerReviews team! They are so great that we are ordering more from to give as stocking stuffers this year!

Boomer Gift Ideas

According to our unscientific survey, it appears that Boomers have reached an age when our homes are decorated, our closets are full and we are no longer in need of any more unnecessary plastic objects. Most of us buy technology we can research, touch and test and don’t necessarily want it gifted to us, unless it’s a gift card to Costco or another big box store.

Extraordinary Idyllwild Gift Shop

We at love a tale of great service – those unexpected, often shocking moments that are so good they take our breath away. We experienced such a moment last week on a crowded night in the mountain village of Idyllwild, California.

Do You Have a Man Check?

Have you ever heard of a “man check”? No, it’s not a check in the mirror to see if you’re a man or to check and see if you need to “man up.” It’s to check in your billfold for that single blank check you may have there.

Helpful Holiday Video from USPS

We thought this video was both informative and fun, especially considering it’s from the US Postal Service.

On Contractors, Coughs, and Headaches

My project is not all that complicated – I wanted to change one level of my house from carpet and tile to hardwood floors. I researched the various types, colors, and textures of hardwoods with eager diligence. Asked a lot of questions. Compared materials and labor costs with several retailers. Finally, I selected a multi-colored maple offered by a large flooring chain, and they provided me with the recommendation of a contractor who they heard did “good work.”

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

There are probably millions of us who collect cars. If you don’t believe me, watch the Barrett-Jackson Auction on the Speed channel sometime.

Halloween Nails

I have new Halloween nails…and I don’t mean nails in a coffin. The older I get, the less I feel like getting all dressed up for Halloween.

The Flick

It was Chuck who first taught me about cars when I was a child. He was married to my late sister, Arline, who was 16 years older than I, so he was a great father-figure. When I rode shotgun with Chuck around town, he would suddenly point and ask me, “Hey, what’s the make, model and year of that car?” If my answer was correct, I was praised. If I was wrong, I got “the flick.”

Walk in Style with WalkStyles

I was tired of only finding tight plants and crop tops for exercising wear that reveal way too much of me. Then I found the WalkStyles line of athletic wear.

Holiday Shopping 2012: To Be or Not To Be?

If we go by the Mayan Calendar, the world is set to end on December 21st in the middle of the holiday shopping rush. My questions are, will this be at one second after midnight Guatemala time or will it happen at 11:59 PM Guatemala time and most importantly, can it be delayed until right after “Wheel of Fortune?” I like to watch my favorite game shows every night.

Taylor Made Golf Clubs

I chose Taylor Made. They work for me and they were not over-priced. They are a middle of the road club, and they helped me cut down on my excuses for why I have such terrible shots.

Ford Edgy

We are a Ford family. If you don’t like Fords, you can move onto another post. But frankly, I was fed up with Fords a couple of years ago. I had an old 2002 Explorer I loved; but I knew it was dying.