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For a growing number of the population, taking prescription drugs on a regular schedule and/or receiving a joint implant is an important piece to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. As the technology behind medicine continues to take steps forward, MarioHealthhobbies and activities like golf, cycling, and many more don’t have to be given up. Of course, with a greater number of options it becomes increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date with all the related information that is floating around out there. Thankfully there is a resource out there that recognizes this and aims to make sure you are always empowered with the medical information that’s important to you.

Mario LogoThe American Recall Center puts medical information on the safety and potential dangers of prescription drugs and medical devices one click away. When researching a potential treatment you now have quick access to the latest hip replacements and hip replacement recall updates on dangerous prescriptions, and much more. Other features, like Health Highlights and Patient Safety Alerts keep patients empowered on the information they need for a variety of topics. With everything written in simple, straightforward terms, you can always feel confident about having the knowledge you need when you speak with a doctor.

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