Privacy, Identity and Monetization

The blogosphere has lit up lately with posts about privacy. Facebook changed its privacy settings and Google now has Street View, mapping the entire planet – including the street where you live and the park where you take your grandchildren – via little Google cars enabled with video cameras.

iPad Air Launch

Apple unveils revamped iPads to beat back rivals (via AFP) Apple has unveiled the “iPad Air”, a slimmer version of its top-selling full-size tablet, and a revamped iPad Mini, bidding to fend off rivals who have eroded its market dominance. The new products will likely fuel the trend of mobile devices vanquishing…

Google Stock Milestone

Google shares smash $1,000 barrier for the first time (via The Inquirer) INTERNET GIANT Google has reached an important milestone, as its stock price topped $1,000 per share on Friday. Following Google’s better than expected quarterly results released earlier, the market responded with a 12.66 percent jump in its share price…

Share These Cyber Safety Tips

If you want to preserve your mental health, don’t shop online from Starbucks. That goes for hotel lobbies, airports, and other pubic WI-FI hotspots too.

Boomers: Note Changes in Facebook Privacy

Facebook no longer lets users hide from search (via Repost Video News) Facebook is making changes again. This time, it’s affecting your privacy. Facebook has taken away your option to hide your page, so people can’t search you by name…

Maya Muses About iNausea

My dear friend and former associate in Hawaii, Maya Leland, has a blog called “Maya in the Morning” where she posts all kinds of wonderful musings.

Twitter: The Anti-Facebook

In IPO, Twitter seeks to be ‘anti-Facebook’ (via AFP) Twitter’s $1 billion stock offering suggests a cautious Wall Street debut by the popular messaging platform, careful to avoid the mistakes made by its larger counterpart Facebook last year, say analysts. “The surprise is that they are doing such a small…

Beleaguered Blackberry

BlackBerry as anachronism (via Pando Daily) By Nathaniel Mott On October 2, 2013Few companies have ceded as much ground as BlackBerry, the beleaguered smartphone maker that reported an operating loss of nearly $1 billion on Friday. Its products used to be the best smartphones on the market…

Boomers Need Tech to Age In Place

If you’re a Baby Boomer thinking it will be easy to find a family member or friend to assist you as an unpaid caregiver when you are in your 80s—think again.  Facts show, there just aren’t going to be enough younger people to help the huge Boomer…

Where is My Stuff?

Where did I park the car? How much time do I have left on the parking meter? Where should I buy gas? Where is my phone?

Learn the Twitter Lingo

We know Boomers are all over Facebook. Are they on Twitter? Not as much, that’s for sure. One of the reasons is that Twitter has its own lingo that Boomers have been hesitant to want to learn.

Google Android Mobile OS Beating Apple iOS

Android nears 80 percent market share as iOS plummets (via The Inquirer) SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Google’s Android mobile operating system now accounts for almost 80 percent of the global smartphone market while Apple’s slice has shrunk to 13 percent, the latest numbers from market research firm International Data Corp (IDC) have…

As Boomers Retire, Businesses Feel the Burn

Now that the Baby Boomer generation is aging and leaving the workplace, a certain amount of stress is being placed on the companies they worked for. Specifically, businesses are finding they must replace a large number of experienced staff members with…

Amazon Launches Store for Boomers

Some of you Boomers may have missed a big story that broke last month. We first saw the news on TechCrunch. Amazon launched a new store that is catering to Boomers and seniors.

Apps to Help Manage Social Media Experience

As a Baby Boomer who launched a new company a little over a year ago, I’ve had to learn a tremendous amount about social media, and how to use it.