Cruise Lines Battle Rough Waters

Cruise Industry Continues to Battle Unfavorable Tides (via Nevistas Hospitality and Travel Network) Early 2014 shipboard norovirus reports set back perceptual recoveries for several top cruise lines There’s an old saying that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. While it may not be applicable across all industries in practice, from a perceptual…

Making Travel Easier

Travel for Boomers Made Easier With AARP (via PR Newswire) There are new ways to make traveling a little easier. (PRNewsFoto/AARP) WASHINGTON, April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — (NU) — These days, travel for baby boomers can be challenging. But AARP wants to make everyone’s road to…

Race Against Time to Locate Crash Site for MH370

Malaysia PM to visit Perth as jet-search window narrows (via AFP) Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak will visit Australia to witness the race-against-time bid to locate a crash site for flight MH370, his government said Monday as a ship equipped to pinpoint its “black box” prepared to steam to the search area. Ships…

San Francisco’s Community Murals

A Walking Tour of San Francisco’s Evocative Community Murals (INTERACTIVE MAP) (via The Cultureist) By Margaret Barthel The streets and alleyways of San Francisco’s Mission District are alive with murals–imaginative, powerful and beautiful representations of the diverse community’s historic struggles and immense creativity. And yet, many visitors…

Traveling in My Mind

by Shannon Ingram…Ah, Africa. I’ve been there twice. Ironically, the first time was a visit to Sierra Leone in 1970 while aboard the Semester at Sea.

Airlines Move to Control Unruly Passengers

“Did you know…Airline industry considers cracking down on unruly passengers?” (via ExpertFlyer Blog) ( Last year, after a man on an Icelandair flight to New York downed a bottle of duty-free alcohol and became unruly and aggressive, passengers had to restrain him with duct tape.  A Frontier Airlines passenger was booted off the plane when…

Ubud in Central Bali

Beautiful tiered landscape in Ubud area of Bali, Indonesia, a lovely vacation destination for anyone seeking a “real” experience of this magical island.

Fabulous New Zealand

100% Pure New Zealand (via New Zealand boasting its snowy peaks, golden beaches, shimmering lakes and ancient rainforests, at every step there is a picture postcard. A favorite activity among tourists in New Zealand is the camping in tents or in simple huts in the woods, or near…

North Pole Christmas Travelers

Lucky Kids Get Hottest Ticket in Town for Holiday Season (via ABC News) United Airlines takes children to see the North Pole in time for Christmas.

Beauty Is All Around Us

For years my husband and I have enjoyed a little share time by talking about what we observed of beauty on any given day. Last week, on the way to Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego, we drove along the coast. It was one of our beautiful warm California days, a perfect time for collecting Beauty.

What’s Next for Hotels?

Three days and 20 informative hours later, Hoteliers from around the world met recently in NYC to search for new discoveries to bring to hotel guests Worldwide.

Tuesday Travel Pic: Kilauea

The magic of ongoing creation of land on our planet earth is unveiled on the Big Island of Hawaii where lava from the erupting volcano meets the blue Pacific.

Tuesday Travel Pic: Banff

Beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada!

Olympic Torch in Outer Space

Russians take Olympic torch on historic spacewalk (via AFP) Two cosmonauts took the Olympic torch — unlit — for a spacewalk Saturday in a historic showcasing of Russia’s Sochi Winter Olympic Games in three months’ time. Veteran cosmonaut Oleg Kotov ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) with…

Travel Thursday Photo