What’s Next for Hotels?

Three days and 20 informative hours later, Hoteliers from around the world met recently in NYC to search for new discoveries to bring to hotel guests Worldwide.

The 10-Star Park Hyatt Chicago

For some blessed reason, I was asked to stay at the Park Hyatt. It wasn’t for BoomerReviews.com, but simply because some of the people I work with are here.

Surrender Dorothy

I read a quote from Eckhart Tolle yesterday that has stuck with me the past 24 hours: Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.

The Rugby Grille in Birmingham, MI

We had the pleasure of dining at The Rugby Grille at The Townsend Hotel in lovely Birmingham, MI last night and what a treat it was. From the warm, elegant surroundings to the excellent wine and fabulous meal, we enjoyed every minute.

Big Island “Four Star” Resort with Bad Lighting

Mauna Kea. For Boomer fans of Hawaii, these words conjure up great memories of the former Rock Resort that seems to have been around for a gazillion years. But be careful if you decide to book a trip to Mauna Kea now that you can’t see well in the dark or you want a comfy place to smoke a cigar.

Embassy Suites Rock

We’re not decrepit and we’ve loved being at resorts with lots of winding paths. The thing we don’t like is not being able to SEE in the hallways because the lighting is so dim. I told her I love the Embassy Suites, not just because of the lovely breakfast, but because the lighting is good in my experience.