Update on the Future of Aviation

“Did you know…What’s in store for the future of aviation?” (via ExpertFlyer Blog) (USA Today)                     Retired U.S. Airways pilot, John Cox, offers his take on the future of aviation in a USA Today Special Report: “I do believe that we will fly supersonically again. The […]

America’s Greenest Airport

2012 Greenest Airport: San Francisco International “T2” (via www.goodlifereport.com)   The term “Greenest Airport,” we must admit, is a contradiction in terms. Airports and airplanes are notorious polluters. Just a short flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a small commercial aircraft can generate over 730 pounds of carbon dioxide…

Travel Photo Thursday: Colorado

Travel Photo Thursday: In “The Garden of the Gods” (via Tales Told From The Road) Think Colorado. Think snow-capped mountain peaks over 14,000’ high. But think rocks, too. Red rocks. You’ll find them not in a national or state park, but in the Garden of The Gods, a Colorado Springs city park. The paved “Gateway […]

Three US Wineries in Unusual Locations

3 Unlikely Places To Visit A Winery – Top US City Locations (via Wicked Good Travel Tips) Three Unlikely US Destinations To Visit A Winery Think you need to go to Napa, Long Island or Washington State to tour a winery and sample locally made wine? Think again, because you can find wineries producing their […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise: Delightful and Affordable

We feel comfortable with the passengers who travel on Royal Caribbean. They tend to be middle class, down-to-earth folks like us who appreciate a good deal and a good sense of humor. We love the ships, destinations, crew, accommodations, spa, casino, shipboard activities like Broadway-style shows, variety of shore excursions and of course, the food and beverages.

Journey to the Center of the World

Recently we returned from a marvelous journey to the center of the world. I took my two 16 year old grand girls and it was joyous for me to watch them as they discovered more about our planet. At the Center of the World, which is the equator monument in a tourist village, not too far from Quito, Ecuador, they delighted in having one foot in the Southern Hemisphere and the other in the Northern.

Something’s Fishy on This Plane

N.Z. nets wildlife smuggler with fish in pants (via AFP) A Vietnamese man’s attempt to smuggle tropical fish into New Zealand in his pants floundered when he tried to get through customs with his pockets dripping water, officials said Friday. The man arrived at Auckland airport from Australia this week and…

Livin’ the Cheap Caribbean Dream 2014

CheapCaribbean.com, The Beach Vacation Experts, Announces 2014 Vacation Deals (via PR Newswire) Book Early to Save up to 40% Off Vacation Package Prices! Download image Storybook Weddings Get Fairy-tale Endings with Ultimate Honeymoon Deals and Tips from CheapCaribbean.com. (PRNewsFoto/CheapCaribbean.com) PLANO, Texas, Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire…

Road Trip!

Summer is almost here and it beckons us to yell out those two powerful words, “ROAD TRIP”!!! I’m not talking about the kind of trip the Blues Brothers took.

Plans for a Human to Visit Mars

Dream of Mars exploration achievable, experts say (via AFP) NASA and private sector experts now agree that a man or woman could be sent on a mission to Mars over the next 20 years, despite huge challenges. The biggest names in space exploration, among them top officials from the US space agency and Buzz Aldrin, […]

Hot Springs, Arkansas – American National Park Since 1921

The full proper name of Hot Springs, Arkansas is Hot Springs National Park. Hot Springs has a large military retirement population. With the location just about an hour southwest of Little Rock, easy access to the military bases and the major airport make this a great location; especially when you consider the number of lakes, restaurants, shopping, and hospitals nearby.

The Blue Boulevard Vision

This video synoptically illustrates Professor Michael’s Burt vision of a marine development option for Israel through the creation of artificial islands capable of absorbing 3,000,000 people and infrastructure. The islands shall be based on a new technology invented by Prof. Burt that is friendly to the marine ecosystem and uses only 7% of material to build the islands’ volume. The idea shown here offer an alternative for the development of the coastal plain and confront the dangers of environmental deterioration, agricultural extinction and skyrocketing real estate prices.

A Farewell to Pattycake

Beloved New York zoo gorilla dies (via AFP) Pattycake, a gentle giant of a gorilla who was born in New York’s Central Park Zoo 40 years ago, has died, city officials said Monday. The gorilla, the first born in the Big Apple, lived beyond the average 37-year life span of the big primates in captivity, […]

Los Angeles Cathedral

During the past one hundred hears the building of cathedrals became rare. Has the subject become obsolete? Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles provides one answer.

What’s Your Favorite Obscure Place to Vacation?

My question for today is, Where are you going on vacation this year? Summer is around the corner. If you are going somewhere in the good ol’ USA, do yourself a favor and find some obscure place to take an adventure you wouldn’t normally plan. If nothing else, you’ll have something to talk and laugh about, perhaps for years to come.