UFO’s – Yes or No?

Talk about an area of “what if’s” and “I have questions”, UFO’s are always a great conversation starter, in my experience.

Early one morning when I was seven, my folks and I were in the car traveling from Golden to Nederland, CO where my aunt and uncle owned a general store. My mom liked to go there on weekends to help her sister. While Mom worked at the store, Dad and I went fishing at Barker Dam. On this day around 5:30 AM, we were about seven miles from Nederland when we were stopped by uniformed military personnel. My dad rolled down the window and asked what was going on. The soldier told him to turn off the engine and “just wait here.” He held up his hand as if to signal, “no more questions.”

In 1957 there were not many cars on the road into the mountains before dawn. We could see several military vehicles ahead of us about a half mile, parked facing one side of the road with headlights and spot lights on another vehicle just off the pavement. Within a few minutes, the vehicle at the side of the road suddenly took off straight up in the air! I remember the gasps in our car, mine included. This “flying vehicle,” rocket ship or whatever it was could not be described as a flying saucer. It went vertical for a few hundred feet then raced left, or East.OB-JE151_UFO_G_20100708052618

All of this happened in the flash of a few seconds. A weather balloon might have gone up, but wouldn’t have taken off like that. A helicopter could go up and turn East, but not at that speed. Plus we would have heard the rotors. This vehicle was silent. A couple of minutes after it disappeared into the still dark and starry sky, the soldier told us we could start the car and proceed. I remember the quiet in the car for the rest of the trip was unusual, as if no one wanted to admit what we had just witnessed. Nothing was said during our visit to the relatives in Nederland, either, at least that I heard.

A week later, my folks began talking about the sky-bound vehicle at dinner one night. Our home was about a block away from the National Guard’s Camp George West. My dad was a member of the VFW in Golden and knew many of the people who worked at Camp George West. I went to school with their kids. Dad commented to Mom that the Camp was obviously the closest military post to the place where the vehicle must have landed. Mom asked Dad how long he thought the Army personnel may have been up there before we arrived and also about how they had found out about it. I listened as they debated, very seriously, what the flying object might have been.

Dad had been a sergeant during WWII and was at Saipan. That experience made him realize he could not ask too many questions, but he said he would still try to find out what the deal was. The next day, he talked to Colonel Conway, his friend at Camp George West and then to Staff Sergeant Frank Fisher. When he came home, he told Mom they had told him…nothing…except to leave it alone and not bring it up again. Because my parents were stoic and compliant, they did just that. We never discussed it.

closeencountersae2dAbout 20 years later, after Mom and Dad had both passed away, I called a handyman service to come to my house for a backyard project. The handyman who showed up was the now retired Frank Fisher.  After greeting him and talking for a few minutes about his family and mine, I decided to bring up the incident with the flying vehicle that my dad had asked him about way back when. He said, “Son, it was believed to be a space ship. Someone who lived up there saw it land about 1 o’clock in the morning, called the local sheriff’s department for Boulder County, who reported it to Lowry Air Force Base and they contacted the Camp George West Security officer on duty. That’s all I know.” And that was all he would say. But to this day, I am always intrigued by UFO sightings and reports, compelling TV programs and documentaries, even movies



like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

So what’s your take on UFO’s and aliens? Have you had an experience you might like to share? And is Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory a human or an alien?  I have questions. Do you?


Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram

I grew up in Golden, CO in the 50’s, the child of a middle class housewife and a lifelong employee of the U.S. Post Office. My professional career spanned 25 years with the U.S. Government and I retired early. Today I am an Aging-in-Place Specialist (which does not mean I just sit in a recliner and watch football), a devoted “Papa” to my grandchildren and partner to my lovely wife. I’m a crusty old fart who appreciates a good cigar, an old car, an occasional game of golf, Blue Collar Radio, NASCAR and my Denver Broncos. At BoomerReviews.com, I hold the title, “Chief of Questions.” Let’s see what you think about my questions and answers. Chime in!

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