Understanding the Facebook Billion User Claim

Great article by Jared Selcoe posted on FaceTime Strategy web site explains what is going on at Facebook.  Here is the intro:

By now you’ve probably heard about how Facebook hit the 1 billion “active users” mark yesterday, but may be a little confused as to why there’s so much discussion around how they aren’t doing as well as expected. You might have heard that 1 billion is a misleading statistic. Maybe you’ve read about their stock’s less-than-stellar performance – but regardless 1 billion users is an impressive statistic, so clearly there has to be more at play here than simply stock prices and statistical trickery. Thankfully FaceTime Strategy keeps up to date on the social media happenings of the world, and is here to shed some light on the issue.

“Active Users?”

First off, let’s clear something up: when Facebook says “1 billion active users” they are referring to the number of users who have logged in during the past month. People claim this is misleading because logging on only 1 time in a month is hardly the activity of an “active user,” but with that in mind many companies just cite the number of “registered users” when touting their growth, so take it for what you will. The bottom line is, Facebook has a larger user base than any other social network, and 1 billion of those users are at least mildly active.

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