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I created the Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education to present what many consider to be the “golden age of American music.”

Certainly, the music of George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hammerstein (to name a few!) gives us aColePorter_dog look at some the most supremely gifted men and women of the last century. We touch on their genius because their genius has touched us.

But whether we’re talking about the people who wrote the songs or the people who sang them, these timeless songs represent much more than biography, or even words and music. The work of these great composers and performers shaped our nation, simply because their work shaped, excited, romanced, stimulated, and inspired all of us.

Think about the shows and movies that defined popular music, and how the best of them have endured. This isn’t because of the timeless melodies and talent involved in putting them across. It’s because they tell us something about our own dreams, desires and fears, our own personal HISTORIES. In other words, they are about the joys and tragedies of every single human existence.

These shows and movies also tell the history of the times: the World Wars, the flappers and the sheiks, the soup kitchens and the Great Depression, the eras when we pulled together, and presumably the challenges we overcame that made us better and stronger as a nation.

You’ve probably heard the term “melting pot”.  Well, America was a musical melting pot overflowing…

gershwins album coverTo the parlor…

To the rhythms of the streets…

To the tempo of the cities…

To the romance of the countryside…

My point is the feelings behind these songs can’t simply be “talked out.”  George and Ira Gershwin knew they’re much too personal to address using everyday conversation; that’s why they had to be melded into music and lyrics and dance because words were simply inadequate.

Perhaps Irving Berlin said it best: “Songs make history. And history makes songs.”

In future posts, I  will be celebrating all the elements that have coalesced to create some of the most beloved, important, and genuinely timeless melodies of the twentieth century…..the emotions behind the best of these songs…and those who put those songs in our hearts to stay.

Welcome to the journey!

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Larry 2Larry Maurer has a passion for the history of American music. Although Larry has worked in finance for over 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant and an accounting professor, his calling has always been to teach music history. He founded the Timeless Melodies Foundation for Education Inc. to present colorful, memorable, multi-media education programs about the Golden Age of American music to a wide variety of groups around the country.

Timeless Melodies’ unique programs, which can be tailored to a specific audience, are rich in pictures, video clips, humor, history and most of all, the music that Larry loves to share. Larry has delighted a variety of audiences, from school children to senior citizens, and from music industry groups to the general public. Concert pianist Thomas Macfarland says, “I absolutely enjoyed my experience performing with Larry Maurer; he is unsurpassed in his enthusiasm and vitality.” And psychologist Jane Drew says, “I left the Gershwin evening feeling fulfilled and happy to be alive. Hope you can bring this celebration of American people to many people.”

Larry and his wife, Dru, live in Mission Viejo, California. He retired from teaching after 13 years and now devotes himself to music history. Reach him via email: larrym410@cox.net

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