What’s Your Hobby?

If you’re a middle class Boomer guy like me, chances are you liked cars while growing up in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. You could probably identify various makes and models on the road from a distance, like a ’53 Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Plymouth or a ’59 Caddy, ’63 Corvette, you get the picture. You didn’t need to be a motorhead to know one from another.  I still get excited whenever I see photos of cars on the highway during those years.

Today I drive down the road and all the cars look alike – Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Lexus, etc.  Do I know the year of each one?  No. Nor do I know the make or model.

Back in the day, hardly any one of us had a new car to drive to school. Kids today in Southern California where I live are driving brand new cars, and not cheap ones, either.  Every day I see more than one teenager driving a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, or a Range Rover. And if they do have an older car, it’s been restored.

My favorite hobby is restoring old cars. I love it and have been working on old cars for over 45 years now. Some of them have been stock and some hotrod style. Tinkering on an old car is my way of relaxing, even in 90-degree heat.  My next project is a ’46 Ford tow truck. All my cars have names and this one, pictured here, is “Mater D,” because “Mater” was already taken by a truck that sounds like Larry the Cable Guy (one of my Redneck heroes).

I’d like to hear from other people about restoring old cars or about other hobbies they find relaxing.  What’s yours?

Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram

I grew up in Golden, CO in the 50’s, the child of a middle class housewife and a lifelong employee of the U.S. Post Office. My professional career spanned 25 years with the U.S. Government and I retired early. Today I am an Aging-in-Place Specialist (which does not mean I just sit in a recliner and watch football), a devoted “Papa” to my grandchildren and partner to my lovely wife. I’m a crusty old fart who appreciates a good cigar, an old car, an occasional game of golf, Blue Collar Radio, NASCAR and my Denver Broncos. At BoomerReviews.com, I hold the title, “Chief of Questions.” Let’s see what you think about my questions and answers. Chime in!

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