Where in the World? Adventures with Karen Tooke Riechel

Travel Image Welcome to “Where in the World?”  I hope to share with you some wild adventures that I have experienced throughout the years along with new ones yet to come!  This year, I became a member of the “50” club and the opportunity to share these adventures with you all presented itself in a timely manner.  As we mature (because “old” is just a matter of the mind), we should be out there enjoying life!  Sure, we may still have our daily grind that we have to deal with, and our “adventures” may not be as grand as the next guy’s, but the fact that we are out doing something means we’re still alive and kicking!

My mom always told me that I should keep a journal of all my travels.  Every time she mentioned it, I agreed but then the trip would begin, end, and no journal.  This blog is the perfect medium to share my journeys (mom would be proud – yes, even at 50 we still try to please our mom!). Good thing my mind is still sharp!

Each blog entry will cover an adventure including some of the facts about the location or adventure in case you want to take the trip on your own.  At the end of each blog, I’ll include a few hints about the next adventure to be covered to see if you can guess where we’ll be going.

Here are some types of adventures that I plan to share with you in this blog:

1)     Sporting event trips

2)     Family Visit travel

3)     Group travel

4)     Road trips

5)     Caribbean Travel

6)     Cruising

7)     Exotic Adventures

I look forward to sharing these experiences with you!

Karen Riechel

Karen Riechel

I’m married with 2 cats, no kids. Currently employed in the travel industry (corporate travel). My husband, Jay, and I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We are huge sports fans: baseball (ROCKIES), football (Broncos), basketball (Nuggets), NASCAR racing, bowling… We love to travel both around the world and throughout the US!

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  1. Hello, Karen.

    Greetings from Austin! I recently joined the “50 Club,” too. No worries, though, as it’s the new 40, right?
    We’ve traveled and lived all over the world (Asia, Europe, and North America), visiting more than 38 countries, and have somehow managed to neglect recording the adventure in a journal. I think you’re on the right track to leverage the web and share your experiences. Travel is one of the most enlightening and enjoyable experiences, and it can literally change your life. After our last trip to Paris, I embarked on an entirely new career and left behind 20+ years in the corporate arena.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    All the best, Paul Michael Bedell / Founder Korbella.com

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